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Our IT facilities management is all about delivery, quality, management and availability

Banking, Financial Manufacturing, Media, Public sector and even private sector and many more are the industries that we have catered to with our dynamic solutions and have changed their businesses for the better. While stating at the forefront of technology adoption and staying flexible we have garnered the much required skills and experience over several years

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Banking and Financial are undoubtedly one of the most vulnerable and crucial sectors wherein the intervention of technology can change the way these industries function. Xentech Infoware here make these more secure, reliable and much speedier in nature. We help reduce costs and enhance customer experience.


Xentech Infoware is an equal participant in the initiatives of for growth by the government and provides full technological support both strategic and tactical. Providing innovative solutions in terms of software, hardware, strategic solutions to Government and Public Institutions to make their strategies come into reality is what Xentech Infoware is also involved in.

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In manufacturing we help customers enhance their supplier relationships through high-end technological deployments. Whether it is automotive, industrial manufacturing or process manufacturing we give super solutions to all.


We use technology smartly for the much needed power sector to support the consumption rate and Analytics. We have even stepped into Public sector making a difference with our innovative approach in technology.

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To accelerate the speed is our aim when it comes to media and communications sector and we provide a range of solutions right from billing processes, customer service, network management, customer interaction and much more. New cover integrated communication, Wireless, network equipment's and Cable and satellite.


With technology supporting retail, there is no end to growth in retail. Xentech Infoware offers the best solutions to help retail give better and better service to customers.

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Healthcare is most crucial and at such challenging times in healthcare, Xentech Infoware comes up with technological solutions that ease the tasks of healthcare sector, give much relief to speed up processes for patients and hospitals alike. Merchandising, chain management is what we provide solutions in.


Education is one sector Xentech Infoware is actively involved in providing innovative services to help education reach more and more people and also make the most of the available resources. From aiding in virtual classrooms to providing education tools for distance learning we provide complete solutions for education sector.

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